Caring Fragrance Mist with Organic Oat & Apricot-Oriflame


Caring Fragrance Mist with Organic Oat & Apricot-Oriflame

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Rich, quick-foaming shower cream with extracts of milk and honey to make skin soft, silky and glowing.

Milk and honey nourish and condition skin
Added minerals and vitamins revitalise skin’s radiance
Scented with signature Milk and Honey Gold fragrance


Give your skin the luxurious everyday pampering it deserves with this sumptuously rich and quick foaming shower cream. Infused with organically-sourced extracts of milk and honey, this long-time favourite has been expertly reformulated with even more moisturiser than before – leaving your skin feeling soft, cleansed and divinely scented in the signature Milk & Honey Gold fragrance.

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